The Maintenance Community Coalition

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We are a community of individuals and organizations that care deeply about advancing the role of maintainers, builders, producers, technicians – any of the jobs that support and sustain our human-built world. We are committed to helping each other thrive in our individual professional journeys by sharing resources and expertise, granting scholarships, hosting events, and unlocking knowledge – always at no cost. 

“Over the next decade 2 million of the 3.5 million manufacturing jobs likely needed will go unfilled because of the skills gap.”

-2018 Deloitte & The Manufacturing Institute skills gap & future of work study

In 2023, The Maintenance Community Coalition is aiming to create more impact than ever and bridge the skills gap between generations in the maintenance community.

Here’s how were bridging the gap:


New Generation
Creating programs and opportunities that inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Current Generation
Connecting the professionals of today to resources that will elevate their careers.

Legacy Generation
Amplifying the knowledge of retiring professionals and honoring their impact.

We give back to move maintenance forward.

A member-led LinkedIn Group where you can ‘shop’ free classes, books, etc. all generously donated by your fellow members

Our Impact

We’re committed to helping members thrive in their professional career. Community members and staff are present every day to answer questions, host events, and start discussions in order to provide the community with the very best maintenance and reliability resources available today.


maintenance, reliability and leadership books given to members


industry experts volunteering to share their expertise every day


webinars hosted


original maintenance courses created


certified maintenance and reliability professional (CMRP) scholarships given

TMCC was founded on the belief that working together will benefit everyone within our community. 

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TMCC members are thriving.

“The Maintenance Community has been such a wonderful opportunity to engage with professionals at all levels! It has allowed me to help serve the community by helping those who need guidance and assist in solving some of the issues they face on a regular basis. I love the idea of bringing everyone together into a safe space where a recent graduate can easily talk to someone with over 50+ years in the business and gain real-life skills not taught in the classroom. TMC has revolutionized the way we interact with each other by helping us to really gain a sense of community and appreciation for everyone involved in the industry.”

— Sanya Mathura, Strategic Reliability Solutions

“I have really enjoyed being a part of this community! It’s the first global community I have joined, and although great distances are between the members, it really feels like we are all facing similar challenges. And, by sharing our successes and sometimes what hasn’t worked for us, we are all improving and developing our skill sets. The mix of experts and community members on the frontlines makes for the perfect recipe to enhance our collective industry knowledge, and ultimately makes us more efficient and productive within whatever maintenance environment we are working in.”

— Nick Garnett, Head of Maintenance

“The Maintenance Community has been an invaluable resource for knowledge and learning! Someone is always willing to provide input and answer questions. If you’ve ever needed a sounding board to bounce off your ideas, this is the place!”

— David, Central Utility Plant Operations

“The Maintenance Community has been amazing for me! I have been learning a lot from experienced professionals in the industry, especially through the free webinars that are frequently arranged in the community. Thank you for creating this tool to share knowledge!”

— Fabio Andre Brand, MRO Coordinator