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Basics of Maintenance Metrics and KPIs

Data-driven decision making is what fuels world-class maintenance teams. But, with so many possible metrics to track, how do you choose the right metrics for your team? In this course, we cover overviews, formulas, strategies, and tips for pinning down the right metrics to prioritizing the right tasks, aligning goals with departments, and ultimately, achieving world-class maintenance at your organization.

Toolbox Essentials: Industrial Equipment and Parts
A curriculum that covers a wide range of equipment and parts that are used in common maintenance processes based on the essential maintenance resource, “Rules of Thumb” by Ricky Smith and R.Keith Mobley. Through practical readings and visualizations, we hope to enable students pursuing a career in the maintenance and reliability industry to further understand the usability and effectiveness of various industrial tools.
Maintenance Professional Development Course
A virtual course filled with insightful webinars, discussions, and activities, specifically geared towards helping students and young maintenance professionals learn more about the different career paths in the maintenance and reliability space, as well as build career development skills.
Reliability Engineering 101
Reliability Engineering 101 is an introductory body of information that will provide new engineers, and individuals interested in the field, the foundational knowledge of key concepts and principles to jumpstart their career in this vibrant sector of the maintenance and reliability industry.
Reliability City: Training Camp 1 (Basic)
Learn the ropes of UpKeep’s CMMS and how to set up each aspect of your new account.
Reliability City: Training Camp 2 (Advanced)
Want to show off your UpKeep knowledge? Take this course to prove yourself a true product expert!
Reliability City: The Return to 
World-Class Maintenance
While going through our fictional world in Reliability City, we’ll cover foundational knowledge you’ll need to pass the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (CMRP) exam — the industry’s most renowned credential. At the end, you’ll take a practice test with questions modeled after the CMRP and find some more logistics about the test, all to prepare you to become a CMRP soon.

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