Pricing for Non Profits



per technician, per month

billed annually, min. 1 user

$40 billed monthly

For small businesses who want to streamline work orders, keep track of assets, and move into the digital world

  • Advanced Features
  • Direct Image Annotation
  • Form Templates



per technician, per month

billed annually, min. 25 users

Only annual plans available.

The ideal solution for enterprises looking to streamline their maintenance at a multi-level facility

  • Everything from Business Plus, including..
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Connect Multiple and Separate UpKeep Accounts
  • Centralize Parts and Inventory
  • Monitor Assets Across Facilities
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Teams & Communication
  • Have a Complete Overview of All Facilities
  • Centralized Dispatch Portal
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • 1-1 Support
  • Live Training

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers are saying.

Great product, great service, great price.

At a former employer, we used a similar work order system that had half the features of UpKeep, and twice the cost. I was amazed to discover how much we got for so little.

Jeremy, Tennessee College of Applied Technology

A great multi-platform app

CMMS software that's easy to use, for anyone. Great price point. Frequent updates bring fresh content.

Jonathan , G. H. Graf Realty Corp

UpKeep is the Gold Standard for CMMS Software!

I can almost guarantee a ROI on this product within the first year of implementation. I truly believe it pays for itself with the ability to go green and stop so much paper reports and tracking, as well freeing up admin staff to do other important duties. It is truly amazing! Techs in the field love it just as much as it makes their job so much easier and provides them abilities to provide updates to important tasks in real time.

Matthew, Oklahoma Dept of Corrections

Saves so much time!!!!

Makes my job so much easier!!!!

Beatriz, Excalibur Group

Overall great product

UpKeep is easy to set up and use. They are always updating and improving their software and there are many things you can use with the free account.

Kerri , Halifax Grammar School

Easy to use program, gets everything done

Its a great program for beginners in the sense of getting people used to something new, a new way of doing things. Many of the people in my office are older and prefer to have everything on paper but they have adjusted well to the program and without any problem.

Alejandra, NSB Associates, Inc.