We are dedicated to supporting the people of maintenance and reliability with free access to like-minded professionals, educational resources, and industry experts - but we can't do it alone! Meet some of the fantastic people and organizations that we are proud to work alongside in our collective mission to revolutionize the industry.

Introducing Our Parters

These are the people and organizations we are proud to collaborate with in an effort to support the global maintenance and reliability community.

🛠️ World Class Maintenance

World Class Maintenance was founded by Ricky Smith, CMRP, CMRT, CRL to assist organizations in the U.S. and around the world succeed through training and consulted. Trainings are offered live and virtually every month, as well as upon request for your specific organization and team.

The site is updated weekly with new, applicable maintenance information for you and your teams to continue learning together. Any questions or requests, please send to

🚀 Leadership Launchpad Project

The Leadership Launchpad Project is about creating high performance teams across organizations by focusing on leadership mindset strategies.  They strive to inspire participants to become high impact leaders both professionally & personally.  This is done through deconstructing out-dated leadership & mindset strategies and building up our participants with high impact leadership strategies, architecting stronger, more sustainable mindset & leadership strategies that will set participants up to maximize their personal and company’s rate of growth, so they can realize their highest potential in all areas of leadership.

What is High Impact Leadership?

Welcome to the first episode of The Leadership Launchpad Project!  On this episode, Susan Hobson & Rob Kalwarowsky discuss what human-centric leadership is, why it maximizes our growth in business and in life and what this show is all about!

📓 is an inclusive community of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) professionals that collaborate & share solutions.’s mission is to bridge the skills gap between professionals at all levels, and their professional development opportunities help our members to achieve success in their careers. Join the community!

Launching Winter 2021, the Digital Magazine aims to increase the amount of Black STEM professionals in industry despite declining numbers of STEM graduates year over year. This magazine is geared towards students and young professionals, inspiring them to pursue STEM career, and towards those who have already started their journey, providing resources and opportunities for further learning.