Maintenance Professional Development Program

6-week long virtual program filled with amazing webinars, readings, discussions, and activities specifically geared towards students and young professionals.

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The MPDP is a virtual program designed to develop the next generation of technicians, engineers, facility managers, reliability leaders, and skilled trade workers! Sound like you? Keep on reading!

What is the Maintenance Professional Development Program (MPDP)?

The MPDP is a 6-week long virtual program specifically geared towards helping students and young professionals learn more about the different career paths in the maintenance and reliability space, and build career development skills!

We believe in supporting and empowering the next generation of professionals who are entering into this industry, aka YOU, because the work that you will be doing is crucial and vital in sustaining our world! 

What are the benefits of completing the program?

There are so many benefits, but if we can name a few:

  • Opportunities to network and meet other young professionals!
  • Exclusive webinars and discussions to help expand industry knowledge and provide insight into a wide variety of topics!
  • Learn from seasoned professionals from notable companies, like Facebook, Disney, Pepsico, and more!
  • A safe space for the exchange of ideas between members!
  • Swag, resources, and weekly giveaways!
  • Elevating your profile on LinkedIn with a steady stream of digital content, recommendations, digital badge to showcase to your network, professional headshots, and more.
  • Your profiles will be featured on this tab!
  • You will receive a certificate of completion (digital and physical).
  • You will be recognized in a blog post by UpKeep, which will be featured on a newsletter that goes out to over 160,000 subscribers. 
  • Chance to earn a $500 scholarship!

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Member Profiles COMING SOON!

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Scholarship Winners COMING SOON!

For our inaugural round of programming, we will be giving two members a $500 scholarship to help them with their future endeavors!