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Webinar Mini-Lessons

The full recordings of all our past webinars can be found in the #webinar-replay channel in the Maintenance Community Slack group.

Maintenance Process Mapping: What is it?

Full recording includes:

  • Maintenance Process Map Examples
  • Benefits of Mapping the Maintenance Process
  • Recommended Steps when Mapping the Maintenance Process.

A Tale of Two Defects: Lessons Learned from Eliminating Defects

A Tale of Two Defect outlines two different defects and what the journey of eliminating them taught Tim. The first defect was the very first defect Tim eliminated and outlines the different interactions he had with people along the way. The second defect was one that almost had dire results and outlines how complacency leads to small defects becoming big defects.

Maintenance Repair Best Practices: 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Technician

Full recording includes:

  • Alignment through definitions of maintenance terms
  • How long should equipment last?
  • What are Maintenance Repair Best Practices?
  • Human-induced failures
  • Investment requirements in maintenance
  • KPI Scoreboards, and more!
Straight-Line Shift Theory: Recap of Learnings

Full recording includes:

  • Overview of Straight-Line Shift Theory and it’s aim
  • Straight-Line Shift Theory thought process
  • Getting started with Straight-Line Shifts
  • How to apply it to your organization
  • What emotional value is and how it relates to Straight-Line Shift Theory
  • Getting started with Straight-Line Shifts
  • Human errors vs. human factors
  • The 12 human factors and the varying nature of human factors
Maintenance Data Centers: Maint. Programs at a F&B Facility vs. One of the World’s Largest Tech Cos.

Full recording includes:

  • The critical role of redundancies in data center maintenance plans
  • What are common assets in a data cente
  • How Facebook’s asset management team develops talent in their organization
  • Hear more about at what point Facebook realizes they had assets that needed to be maintained
Maintenance Best Practices: What are world class standards in maintenance best practices?

Full recording includes:

  • Why best practices matter and the business case for change
  • The importance of a proactive maintenance continuous improvement loop
  • Understanding maintenance planning vs. maintenance scheduling
  • How to mitigate human induced failures
  • Cost comparison of maintenance programs
  • What is functional failure
  • What is a potential failure, failure patterns, and more
How to Optimize Your CMMS: The 8 Essential Requirements

Full recording includes:

  • The 9 actionable steps to optimizing your CMMS and more!
Why We Need to Bridge the Maintenance “Skill Gap” Now: When did it begin and where is it headed?

Full recording includes:

  • The socio-economic impact of the Skill Gap
  • What can we do about the Skill Gap and what are we already doing?
  • How to activate change with the information we have, and more!
Asset Criticality: Is assessing risk the same as assessing criticality?

Full recording includes:

  • Examples of how different organizations prioritize assets
  • The different types of FMEA
  • How to know when to stop an FMEA
  • What’s the difference between a risk assessment vs. a consequence assessment
  • Common standards across organizations
7 Attributes of a Highly Effective CMMS: Requirements of a CMMS Optimization Plan

Full recording includes

  • Proactive Work Identification / Elimination
  • Failure Codes / Failure Modes
  • Top reasons why people do not use a CMMS effectively and more!

🛠️ Reliability City: The Return to World-Class Maintenance

Jumpstart your maintenance industry knowledge with this course! Enter Reliability City and cover the foundational material you’ll need for the CMRP exam. For more study material to help gain your next certification, check out the #maintenance-certifications-discussion channel in the Maintenance Community Slack group.

🎙️ Masterminds in Maintenance Podcast

A podcast for those with new ideas in maintenance. UpKeep CEO and Founder, Ryan Chan, meets with a guest who has had an idea for how to shake things up in the maintenance and reliability industry. Sometimes the idea failed, sometimes it made their businesses more successful, and other times their idea revolutionized entire industries. Find out when new episodes are released in #maintenance-resources channel in the Maintenance Community Slack group.

S2:E15 People and Culture with Cliff Williams

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are thrilled to have Cliff Williams on the show! Cliff is the Principal Advisor on Maintenance and Reliability at People & Processes, and also a member of the Board of Directors for the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada! Cliff and Ryan discuss maintenance and reliability practices in regards to leadership, people, and culture. Listen today!

S2:E11 Careers Considered – Maintenance Management with April Johnson

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have April Johnson, Maintenance Manager at Pepsico, on the show! Continuing on in our short series, “Careers Considered”, where we dive deeper into the different jobs in the maintenance and reliability industry, we are excited to hear from April about what it is like working as a maintenance manager! Listen today!

S2:E5 Understanding Generational Shifts in the Maintenance and Manufacturing Industries with Shawn Fitzgerald

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we have Shawn Fitzgerald on the show! Shawn is the Chief Marketing Officer at ThomasNet. Together, Ryan and Shawn discuss how to effectively lead different generations in the workplace, and how manufacturers in the modern age can create an appealing culture for the next generation to come. Listen today!

S1:E33 Explaining the Uptime Pyramid of Excellence in Reliability with James Reyes-Picknell

In this week’s episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have industry expert, James, on the show! Ryan and James discuss the evolution of asset management, the details of the Uptime Pyramid, and much more! Listen today!

S1:E26 From Harvard Lawyer to Mobilizer in Water and Utilities with George Hawkins

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are so excited to welcome George Hawkins, Founder of Moonshot LLC and former head of DC Water, to the show! George and Ryan discuss misperceptions of water in the utilities sector, how the utilities sector can save 80% of costs through condition based maintenance, and so much more! Listen today!

S1:E23 Producing High-performing Teams to get High-performing Results with George Parada

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are so excited to welcome George Parada to the show! In this episode, Ryan and George discuss the the intricate process and standards of producing high-performing teams in order to achieve high-performing results. Listen today!

S1:E17 Doing Root Cause Analysis the RIGHT way with Bob Latino

In this episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are so excited to welcome Bob Latino on the show! In this episode, Ryan and George discuss the proper way to perform Root Cause Analysis. Listen today!