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Community Discussion Directory

📢 #announcements

Here, you’ll find important updates from Community Admins.

👷 #ask-the-community

Ask all of your maintenance and reliability related questions here in order to receive advice from over 1,800 experts and professionals. All industries welcome!

☕ #breakroom

A more ‘relaxed’ channel where you can ask questions / share photos or links to items perhaps a bit outside the maintenance and reliability field to get to know each other (such as dog photos, funny memes, etc.)!

⚙️ #develop-leadership-skills

A space completely devoted to discussing and learning how to become a maintenance and reliability leader!

👋 #introductions

New members introduce themselves here. Please help us welcome them into the maintenance family! If you’ve ever been a new kid at school, you know how hard it is.

📅 #join-webinars

In this channel, you can find information on ALL upcoming free webinars and register for them!

📌 #search-job-postings

A channel to post openings or share your resume if you are a job seeker. We are experiencing record unemployment in our industry, help each other land their next role.

🧠 #share-helpful-resources

Share a link to ANYTHING you’ve found useful or educational online and start a discussion (podcast episodes, thought pieces, graphs, etc). Help each other uplevel our maintenance and reliability skills!

Military Helmet on JoyPixels #veterans-group

A channel dedicated to veterans from all branches who now work in maintenance and reliability. Thank you for your service!

⏯️ #watch-webinar-replays

Missed a webinar? Don’t worry – we’ll upload all past community webinars here for you to watch when you have time in your schedule.

🎁 #win-free-stuff

It’s exactly what it sounds like! We created a channel dedicated to giveaways exclusive to the maintenance community!