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The IT and Facility teams at Northside Church were looking for maintenance software that was both powerful and easy to use.

Located in Southern Indiana with a weekly congregation of over 5000, Northside Church is committed to creating the best experience for their parishioners. We spoke with Miles Carmany, the IT Director at Northside, to get insight into how they utilize UpKeep’s maintenance software to keep track of assets and work orders for their IT Department and Facility maintenance team on a daily basis.

Looking to upgrade from the traditional long-winded process, Miles looked for a modern solution to work orders

Working alongside the Northside Facilities Director, Miles had previously relied on a software product that had the functionalities they required, but lacked the simple user interface that was necessary for the team. They switched to UpKeep when they realized that they required a mobile-first solution that could easily keep track of important details as well as appealing to their technicians.

“[The implementation] was very quick and easy for us – it’s been great”

No more stacks of paper for work orders to get lost in.

The church maintains several buildings that are spread out. This makes keeping track of orders across buildings a bit of a “challenge”. That is why it was essential for Miles to find a maintenance software solution which could manage everything from one central and remote location. His main goal was to be mobile and to be able to immediately address needs that come up in real time. He claims UpKeep has been great in ensuring his ability to respond to these needs quickly so resolutions stay timely.

With a staff of 60 using UpKeep to make requests on a daily basis, we asked Miles to give us an insight into how Northside Church manages their maintenance. The IT Department used UpKeep for keeping track of assets during a recent office move while the Facility department focuses on services like electrical and plumbing.

Miles highlighted his favourite feature as being able to filter work orders so there is no confusion in what each team is working on. The filter feature allows you to quickly see which tasks are assigned to which user helping to keep track of the different departments and their progress.

So, how exactly is Northside Church benefitting from UpKeep?

A major benefit that the team noticed right away was a massive improvement in team communication. The team felt comfortable enough to use the app on a daily basis and the technicians were able to markedly improve performance.

Being able to use their own smartphones, the technicians quickly became comfortable with the UpKeep user interface and created updates more frequently. They were no longer dependent on numerous emails and calls to stay on track.

Aside from the positive improvement to team liability and credibility, Miles commented on how, as a church, they are constantly conscious of the budget.

Saving time and money, while also being effective, is crucial for teams like Northside’s and they have been able to capitalize on UpKeep’s software to accomplish this.