Introducing local TMCC Chapters — your opportunity to strengthen your local network, all while creating a stronger future for our industries.. Chapters are central to creating lasting relationships with fellow members in your geographic region. Our goal is to create TMCC Chapters across the globe.

In 2023 we are piloting the program in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Raleigh.

Annual Membership Cost: $150

Membership Includes

➡️   TMCC Dinner & Discussion Event
Chapter wide meetings where you meet with the top 100 industry professionals in your local area for an unforgettable night filled with networking and small-group collaboration led by local experts. The Los Angeles Dinner & Discussion is planned for June 2023.

➡️   State of Community Report
Each Dinner & Discussion event will be centered around the latest State of The Community report. As a local member, you will receive pre-access to the report so that we as an industry can come together to discuss and add insights for the global community publication.

➡️   Training and Discussion Guide
Each attendee will receive a training and discussion guide that they bring back to their team to translate learnings and findings into actionable insights for their organization.

➡️   Private Peer Circle
Placement in a private, small group Peer Circle Slack group- Peer Circles are never bigger than 10 members who are all located in the same geographic region. The private Slack channel within the TMCC Slack group creates an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust amongst you and your fellow committed industry professionals. The hyper-local nature of Peer Circles allows you to meet and connect in-person outside of the chapter wide events.

TMCC Dinner Series - Los Angeles

Thursday, June 22 · 6pm PDT

A Dinner & Discussion with local Maintenance, Reliability and Operations professionals on the increasingly crucial needs of our industries.