The Maintenance Community Coalition

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We are a community of individuals and organizations that care deeply about advancing the role of maintainers, builders, producers, technicians – any of the jobs that support and sustain our human-built world. We are committed to helping each other thrive in our individual professional journeys by sharing resources and expertise, granting scholarships, hosting events, and unlocking knowledge. 

“Over the next decade 2 million of the 3.5 million manufacturing jobs likely needed will go unfilled because of the skills gap.”

-2018 Deloitte & The Manufacturing Institute skills gap & future of work study

In 2023, The Maintenance Community Coalition is aiming to create more impact than ever and bridge the skills gap between generations in the maintenance community.

Here’s how were bridging the gap:


New Generation
Creating programs and opportunities that inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Current Generation
Connecting the professionals of today to resources that will elevate their careers.

Legacy Generation
Amplifying the knowledge of retiring professionals and honoring their impact.

The Maintenance Community Coalition (TMCC) Slack is a free resource designed to help maintenance and reliability professionals connect, share advice, and ask questions!

Our Impact

We’re committed to helping members thrive in their professional career. Community members and staff are present every day to answer questions, host events, and start discussions in order to provide the community with the very best maintenance and reliability resources available today.


maintenance, reliability and leadership books given to members


industry experts volunteering to share their expertise every day


webinars hosted


original maintenance courses created


certified maintenance and reliability professional (CMRP) scholarships given