We build easy to use, mobile-first maintenance software that technicians love.

An easy to use, collaborative CMMS

UpKeep was designed to make life easier for facilities and asset management departments and to empower maintenance teams to make better decisions from data-driven insights. We are creating the best tool on the market for managers to communicate with technicians in the field and for technicians to respond to urgent issues without having to shuffle through paperwork or return to the office. We make completing work orders easy, intuitive, and mobile-first so everyone can contribute and stay on the same page.

Our mission

And what we’ll do for you

Our goal isn’t to automate the blue-collar worker’s job through AI, machine learning, or big data; it’s to empower maintenance teams to become twice as productive and allow them to receive recognition for the meaningful work they do that is often lost in a paper trail.

We recognized that a problem with technology today is that the most user-friendly software is often built for the most tech-savvy people instead of the ones who need it the most. At UpKeep, we are committed to giving the people who are typically forced to use the most difficult-to-use software a completely different experience.

How UpKeep started up

Our origin story

UpKeep was brought to life in 2015 by CEO, Ryan Chan, from an idea he had while he was working as a process-development engineer at a membrane manufacturing plant. He noticed that one of the biggest problems at the facility was the extremely cumbersome process of creating, keeping track of, and closing out maintenance work orders.

Whether it was a broken piece of equipment on the manufacturing line, a busted door lock, or a simple filter replacement, work orders would create stacks and stacks of papers that were easily lost and hard to prioritize. The team wasted a ton of time going back and forth from the production facility to the office multiple times a day so they could retype their notes into a desktop application.

Ryan realized that with modern cloud and smartphone technology he could create an easier solution and save the maintenance team hours a day and a lot of lost uptime. With mobility in mind, he set out on a mission to drastically improve the workflow, and therefore productivity, of maintenance teams across the globe.

After thousands of hours, gallons of coffee, and lots of feedback, UpKeep had lift off. Now, UpKeep is one of the most innovative CMMS products on the market and the first to approach maintenance management software from a mobile-first perspective. With UpKeep, workers can easily create work orders by simply snapping a picture, filling out a few fields, and sending it off to the maintenance department for repair — all from a mobile device. Over 40,000 users have already experienced the power of saving time and frustration with UpKeep and more are joining every day.